Monday, September 20, 2010


If you are asking for a ride, make sure to:

1. Say from where and when you need a ride
2. How many people need a ride
3. Give your personal info (email preferible) to make the contact


  1. Approximately 20 radical and aware Beloit college students need a ride from Beloit, WI 53511 to the Vigil. We can definitely get to Chicago if needed.
    Please contact Tami Ramirez at or 202.257.1378 It will be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you!

  2. P.S we would like to leave Friday the 19th if possible!

  3. My name is Hannah, I am a student in San Francisco who needs a ride. Two others are interested, but I certainly am going. So It's one for sure, if you have room for one or two more that's good too.

    Leaving any time is fine with me.

    I love road trips and I promise to be a fun addition to the car!

  4. Hi my name is Marci Lennox is need a ride from Detroit Mi, On Nov. 18 or 19. I really interested in going and i would love to help pay for gas and drive! Please and thank you :]

  5. Hey my name is Colin! I can get there, but I need a ride to Dallas, TX; Memphis, TN; or Little Rock, AR afterward. I would be happy to assist with gas cost and driving.
    I would be really grateful if anyone can help!
    my email:

  6. About ten students from the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire need a ride! Please contact Samantha at
    It would really help us out! Thanks!

  7. Hi there,

    I am looking for a ride from the Boston area. I am happy to assist with the gas cost and am flexible at departure and return date/time.

    Please contact me if you can help -


  8. Hi, I am looking for a ride from Ft. Benning to Minneapolis/St. Paul or Vicinity after Sunday's Vigil. Happy to share gas and driving.

    geoffrey/pax 504-208-1797

  9. I have interest in going to the vigil this year. I am in Corning, NY and can travel to meet up. Can assist in driving and have some funds for gas. I would really like to leave on Thursday and break up the trip.
    I will be looking at rooms and what can be worked out later today.

  10. Hi,

    Approximately 12 college students from the Connie Hogarth Center for Social Action at Manhattanville College need a ride from either New York City or the Westchester area on 19th and returning on the 21st.

    Please contact me, Maggie, at
    Phone number: 330-714-4724.

    We will be able to help pay for gas.


  11. Hello All,

    Three Maryknoll Lay Missioner Candidates need a ride from Markynoll, New York. We are willing to leave anytime. We are willing to meet the group in NYC is need be. Due to our strict missioner stipend, we have little gas money to contribute, but are totally willing to take the graveyard shift for driving and we will bring yummy snacks. And we are three beautiful women..... if that helps at all!

    Please email Katie or if you think you can help us out at all!

  12. I am in Tulsa OK and either need a ride or a riding partner (if i drive), leaving 19th and back on 21st...

    Email Randy Flowers at


  13. I am coming from Washington DC and am looking for someone that might be going down on Friday to the event. I am traveling with one other friend, and are not planning to return to DC.

    I could help drive on the way down.


  14. Hello,
    I'm Kourtney, a black male, moved to Georgia in the spring of this year and am wanting to attend the SOA events as a way to connect to social justice/radical/anarchist communities in GA and just to meet new awesome people.

    I live in NE Georgia, so if you're able to pick me up on the way, that would be so great.

    I will try my hardest to save up as much as I can to offer for gas, but if not, I can offer road food and drinks (sandwiches, snacks, water, juice, etc).

    I would like to camp out for the whole time or whatever days my ride will be there. I don't have tent, but I'll provide my own blankets, pillows and air mattress, and I may even be able to bring along a large futon cushion.

    I have never attended an SOA event, so I'm willing to learn and contribute anyway I can.

    Hit up my email if you can provide a ride:


  15. Hey there!

    I am a student hoping to attend the SOA Vigil. I will either be in Raleigh, North Carolina on Friday, November 19th or would be able to leave from Boone, North Carolina (depending on ride availability) and will be looking to leave that morning. The best scenario would be to leave a little early on Sunday for the return trip as I have class on Monday, but I am absolutely flexible on this. I am certainly willing to drive my share and contribute to gas and car snacks. I am also looking for lodging if possible- or if you know of any groups that might be able to take me on please let me know. If you can help me out with any of this, I would really appreciate it. My contact is


  16. Hi, my name is Emma and I am in Cincinnati, OH hoping to get a ride down to Ft. Benning. I'm pretty flexible about leaving, I could do anytime thursday or friday. I am hoping to be back sometime Monday morning though. My e-mail is Thanks!

  17. Hey my name is Valerie
    I am a 20 year old college student looking for a ride from Los Angeles.
    I can leave Wednesday but need to be back on Monday. I have attended the action before and hope to make it this time around!



    contact info:

  18. Hey there!
    I am looking for a ride to Fort Benning from AUSTIN, TX!
    23 year old radical activist- I can help drive/ bring delicious snacks. I'm really laid back and if you wouldn't mind some company please get at me! if you can help out!


  19. Hi!

    I'm a student at Flagler College in St. Augustine, FL looking for a ride or driving partner.

    My email address is

  20. Big place. South of Birmingham Al. & near I-65.
    I put up "50 radicals" driving through one night and we had a blast. I know some of you are vegan but you should have seen them going after that sausage, bacon & eggs the next morning.

    If you or your group is driving from Midwest area or out west and a place to crash would come in handy your cordially invited. Let me know how many and when.

    Oh before we forget? Yall are my kinda people.


  21. I am an activist coming from Milwaukee and need a ride and am flexible on leaving and coming. let me know if anyone can take me!

    nikolai smith

  22. My friend Minga and I will be at the Atlanta Airport on Friday Nov 19th around 2 PM and are looking for a ride to Columbus, GA for SOAW. Can help with gas & expenses.

  23. All of you are stupid and have no Idea what we do on Fort Benning, lemmings.

  24. My friend Mary and I will need a ride from the airport to Columbus. Uh wow. Mary just posted this on Monday. She beat me.
    I actually arrive at noon at airport on 11/19 so if it's easiest, I could leave in an earlier car.
    Pray hard and happy journey,

  25. I need a ride from St. Paul Minnesota down to Fort Benning Georgia. I am a college student at InverHills Community College and attended the College of St. Benedict's for 3 years. I will be happy to share gas and driving. If possible I would need to leave early Thursday for Peacemaker training on Friday. Let me know. Thanks.

    Peace and Love.

  26. I need a ride to get there Friday early afternoon from Brooklyn or elsewhere in New York City. I would be glad to share gas and driving.



  27. I would like a ride from Atlanta Ga. on the 19th please. My transmission went out and Dad says he will not be able to fix it till the end of the month.


  28. I have a ride to Ft. Benning, but would like a ride back to Baltimore, MD, afterwards. Or DC would be fine too. My preference is to leave Sunday after the event, but I'm open to traveling on Monday. I can chip in for gas. Another friend from Baltimore is also looking for a ride - his preference is to return on Monday.

    Barbara, 410-662-6292,

  29. Hi--this is last minute--logistics are not my thing...I'm looking for a ride to Ft. Benning from DC. Ideally I would like to get to the Friday 10 AM witness at the Lumpkin, GA Detention Center (45 miles outside Columbus). Thank you!!
    Chris, 773-633-7453,

  30. Hello fellow activists!

    I'm excited to see so many people interested on getting to Ft. Benning this weekend! A few students (3-4) from Carlisle, PA are looking for a ride. We are able to travel to Harrisburg, DC or Baltimore to get a ride to GA.

    If there is anyone who would be able to give us a ride we would chip in for gas, provide some top-notch car company and fellow activist travel companions let us know.

    Thank you and hope to see you all this weekend.

    EMAIL :

  31. Hi, I have a ride back from Columbus but need a ride down from Washington, DC. I would need to leave on Friday evening/ late afternoon (after 5). Can anyone help? I'm willing to help pay for gas and can share the driving.

  32. Hi! We have a speaker coming to present with Witness for Peace and participate in the protest in Columbus looking to leave the vigil sometime on Sunday for Miami, FL. It would be great to connect him with (spanish-speaking) activists driving back to Miami!


  33. My name is Bernie and I need a ride from Chicago to Birmingham around christmas. Thanks!

  34. Hi my name is Keith Forster and I will be arriving at 9:30 PM on Friday night the 19th of Nov to Hartsfield Int in Atlanta on US Air. I could use a ride to the vigil in Columbus if anyone is coming in around that hour. I am completley blind but will be traveing form LA to Atlanta by myself.
    You can write to to advise if you can help me out


  35. I am a Catholic Worker looking for a ride from Ft. Benning to Florida, either Tallahassee or Orlando or somewhere thereabouts! This is a bit last minute so if I don't hear from someone by tonight I will be purchasing a bus ticket. Please e-mail: or call: 773-856-0315. Thanks!

  36. Hello All,

    Just checking to see if anyone is going from the Atlanta airport to Columbus tonight (11/19). Our flight gets in at 7:50pm so anytime after that. There is two of us and we would be happy to help with gas.
    phone- 303.931.2570